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Our plumbers are highly trained to perform residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing. Whether the job is big or small, we are ready to provide excellent service with honesty and affordable prices.

Sewer Drain Cleaning & Repair

Plumbing connection inc provides drain cleaning services for homes across East Bay and South Bay with blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked sinks and other drainage problems. A blocked drain will generally occur due to a build up of debris, tree roots or broken drain lines, or as a result of a structural defect. Common drain cleaning services include the clearance of blockages in waste and stack pipes that serve baths, basins, sinks, toilets, urinals and washing machines. Blocked household drains can often be cleared using drain cleaning machines. For more stubborn blockages, Hydro jet water pressure machine is an alternative approach.

Skilled and professional plumbers from Plumbing Connection provide a 24/7 reactive blocked drain service across entire bay area and are available to deal with blocked drains in an emergency. Plumbing Connection inc provides commercial and residential drain repair services for businesses across entire bay area with broken drains, collapsed sewer pipes and other drainage problems. Plumbing Connection can provide cover a range of drain repair services ranging from repairing manhole benching to fixing collapsed sewer pipes in the road.

The type of drain damage will ultimately influence the method of drain repair. Types of drain repair include relining or patch repair for excavation when the drain or sewer has collapsed or access is poor. The Plumbing Connection Inc team has considerable experience of drain and sewer repairs and replacing broken drains and has the knowledge and skills to complete any drain repair in any location across Bay area.

Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera is used to provide a visual inspection of inaccessible lines. Obstructions and damages underground or within concrete slabs can be viewed with a sewer camera. Avideo camera can identify collapsed pipes, corroded pipes, blockages from grease or other household elements, root infiltrations, pipes that are off-line due to ground settling and substandard pipe materials. Plumbing Connection, Inc. plumbers carry a camera on every truck so we are never caught off guard.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Plumbers often use trenchless sewer repair as a way of putting in new pipes to replace those that have gotten damaged, rusty or have simply gotten too old. The method of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement is done by taking a hardened steel splitting head and hydraulically navigating it through the pipe that needs to be replaced. At the end of the steel splitting head, the brand-new pipe is attached. So as the splitting head splits the old pipe open, the new pipe is pulled in right over the remains of the old one.

Trenchless pipe replacement can be used for sewer lines, gas lines and water lines. In addition, brand-new pipes can be installed without any changes to the ground above. Many homeowners choose trenchless technology because there is absolutely no damage to the existing yard areas and landscaping as traditional construction trenches don’t have to be built. In addition, this method ensures that roots won’t grow into the new pipe. Trenchless piping is often much cheaper than other previous methods that were used to replace aging pipes.

So, as you can see, trenchless piping is a win-win situation and is pretty much the way to go if you find yourself in need of pipe replacement.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

Hydro Jet Cleaning is used to direct high pressure streams of water against a surface to clean the material, or in this case, the sewer line, and is a very common approach to sewer cleaning. Streams of water released by water jetting equipment can release pressures up to 10,000 psi, which can clear nearly any drain. Plumbing Connection, Inc.’s hydro jet service can return your sewer line to near-original capacity. Water jetting is an essential drain cleaning service, and is an excellent solution for pipes in good condition.

Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

If you have lived in your own house for a long time, you have probably experienced some type of drain clogging. It’s inevitable that it will happen, but to help prevent clogs it is important to have your drains cleaned every so often. Otherwise, build up can occur and will eventually cause a blockage. Drain cleaners can be harsh on the sewer and septic systems but there is another alternative.

Whether it’s a toilet clog, bathroom sink stoppage or an annual drain cleaning and inspection we can handle the job. We carry a camera on every truck so we are never caught off guard. Cleaning drains is a huge part of our business and we feel confident we can give you the results you expect. Try our drain cleaning service and see why we are the leading drain cleaning company in the area. Ask about our Hydro Jetting Services

Water Heaters

When it comes to heating your water you need to rely on a company that really knows their water heaters. Plumbing Connection, Inc. is there to help you 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a Week for your plumbing needs. You can be rest assured that we are experts when it comes to water heaters ranging from small 6 gallons to large 100 gallons. We install all of the latest designs and models to suit your application.

Copper Repipe & Pipe Repair

Galvanized water piping rusts and corrodes internally. When drawing water from galvanized water pipes, particles of rust, zinc, and other contaminants flow into your drinking water. These contaminants also clog the pipe internally stopping the flow of water to fixtures.

With copper water piping your water will be cleaner and flow faster. Copper water piping never corrodes or clogs up internally. Copper water piping allows your family to be able to take a comfortable shower, wash dishes, water the lawn, wash laundry, and in fact, use all faucets and fixtures at the same time.

Signs You Need Repiping

  • Low water pressure
  • Water appears discolored
  • Odor comes from the tap
  • Change in water temperature when using multiple sources
  • Leaks in plumbing

If you experience any or all of the above, or if you just wish to prevent these situations, you are in need of repiping. Copper repiping fixes the problems and saves you money in the long run. Copper repiping not only delivers great water pressure and hot water, but it also eliminates costly water damage repair bills, and saves money due to previous inefficiencies.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Plumbing Connection Inc provide grease trap emptying and cleaning services across the East bay and South bay. Our grease trap maintenance service covers internal and external grease traps whether in-floor or floor mounted. Once the grease trap has been cleaned and serviced we recommend a regular emptying schedule is put in-place. This will ensure optimum operation of the trap thereby preventing drainage problems.

As well as providing grease trap cleaning and emptying we can also make recommendations to reduce the required emptying frequency of the grease trap by using one of our range of high-performance biological products. Water jetting is generally used to break up the most stubborn drain blockages or to remove debris such as fat and grease that has built up within the drain.

New Home Additions Plumbing

Plumbing Connection Services has operated since 2003 primarily focused on serving the new construction sector in East bay and South bay; residential homes, village developments and light industrial/commercial developments. We are a people orientated company with a great emphasis on staff training and development, as well as commitment to quality plumbing service.

As a commercial plumbing specialist, we have been chosen by and continually serve some of the Plumbing Contractors and developers in . You can browse some of our projects here and please read our clients reviews on yelp ,Yahoo & Google. We provide a complete set of servicesand always aim to provide professional workmanship, quick service and good competitive value to our clients. We also have a strong commitment to workplace safety.

We are conveniently located in Tri City Area and therefore are able to provide you speedy response time to your plumbing needs. Additionally, our trucks are fully stocked and ready to GO! We Specialize in Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services, Repairsand Installations in the entire Bay Area.

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Plumbing Connection Inc is an honest Plumbing company that provides affordable prices for all your plumbing needs. Our services include Sewer Repair / Replacements, Residential / Commercial, Pipe Bursting, Tank-less Water Heaters, Drain Cleaning and Repairs, Water Heaters, Leak Detection, Hydro-Jetting, Copper Re-piping.  

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